Intellectual Property

We're Here To Assist You

Having an experienced attorney who is well-versed in intellectual property rights can make all the difference in your creative and financial future. Your brand is your reputation, and Next Level Legal wants to help you protect both.

We can assist you with…

– Federal and State trademark and copyright registration
– Assignment and copyright recordation
– Work-for-hire agreements
– License agreements
– Merchandising agreements
– Cease and desists
– Settlements and release agreements
– Trademark monitoring

Gain Ownership of Your Brand

Discuss Trademarks with A Knowledgeable Attorney In California.

You’ve worked hard to create unique branding to distinguish yourself from competitors. But without legal protection, someone else can swoop in at any time to take away your brand. To secure your intellectual property with trademarks, partner with Next Level Legal.

If you have trademarks for your business, you need to protect them immediately upon creation. Next Level Legal can help you draft the necessary paperwork and navigate any issues you might encounter with trademark laws along the way.

Your Creative Work Is Your Own

Take Advantage of Copyright Laws To Protect Your Authorship.

While trademarks can protect your brands, slogans or logos, creative works are secured under copyright laws. Though some original works are protected from the moment of their creation, it’s often in your best interest to register for a copyright. To speak with an intellectual property lawyer about your authorship rights, turn to Next Level Legal.

We offer free consultations to help you make informed decisions. The registration process typically takes three to five months once the application is filed. We’ll work closely with you through the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.