Payment Options

We believe that everyone should be able to access legal counsel when needed and understand that it can sometimes be difficult to budget for unexpected legal costs. To address this, we offer several payment options to help you budget accurately while getting the legal help you need. See below or contact us to learn more.

Installment Plan
(for flat-fee services)

  • 25-50% down
  • Flexible payment amounts
  • Payments automatically drafted bi-weekly
  • Service delivered when balance paid in full

Retainer Payment Plan
(for hourly services)

  • Lower initial retainer deposit (25-50%)
  • Payments automatically drafted bi-weekly
  • Payments stop when representation concludes



  • Upfront payment in full (for flat-fee services)
  • Typical upfront retainer deposit (for hourly services)
  • Billed hourly from there with replenishable retainer (for hourly services)
  • Traditional billing approach