Why We’re Different

We believe everyone should be able to access legal help when they need it. For too long, lawyers have only charged by the hour, requiring thousands of dollars upfront in the form of a retainer. Not only does this approach create a financial barrier to legal access, it provides little incentive to work quickly.

At Next Level Legal, our approach is different – we aim to invest in technology, focus on efficiency, and provide solutions that are easily budgeted, so we can focus on being a partner in your success.

Why Next Level Legal Works

Alternatives to paying by the hour

The concept of the billable hour is outdated. Attorneys traditionally charge “0.2 hours” just for a quick conversation or to read an email. Next Level Legal aims to disrupt this traditional billing concept be offering flat-rate services and all-inclusive memberships, like CoCounsel.

Transparent pricing for custom drafted documents

For custom document drafting and other legal matters, pricing is transparent and inclusive – we don’t try to hide our rates or nickel and dime you. That’s why we’ve provided our Pricing schedule for common legal matters, so you have an understanding upfront of costs and can budget accordingly.

Flexible payment options

We understand the importance of budgeting in our current economic climate. For this reason, we offer several Payment Options to help you plan and get the legal help you need.

Aligned Incentives

By disrupting the traditional way law firms have billed and worked, our economic incentives are better aligned with yours. Flat-rate pricing and all-inclusive membership options provide the ultimate incentive for our attorneys to work faster and smarter, getting you quality legal work faster while passing those savings to you.