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Most trademark applications are not approved on their first go-around. According to the USPTO, only 34.4% of TEAS Plus applications and 16.3% of TEAS RF applications receive a “first action approval.” That means that Office Actions are issued against the vast majority of trademark applications. In other words, approximately 65-85% of trademark applications will receive an Office Action.

When you work with Next Level Legal, rest assured we will have everything covered. We provide a straightforward, inclusive registration package that can help reduce the chances that your registration will receive an Office Action, and if it does, our package is inclusive of the first response.

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When you apply to register a trademark with the USPTO, your trademark application will be assigned to a trademark examiner called an “examining attorney.” A trademark Office Action is a letter issued by the examining attorney reviewing your trademark application. Not all Office Actions are rejections. Some Office Actions only raise minor issues or questions, while others contain registration refusals that will require extensive arguments to overcome.

A proper response should address all issues in the Office Action to avoid abandonment of the trademark application.

The first step is to contact our office for a free, no-strings-attached consultation. While no two cases are the same, if we decide we are a fit, we will discuss the next steps necessary in order to reach your goal and work closely with you to obtain the right brand protection. 

Receiving an Office Action does not necessarily mean that your trademark application has been rejected. You need to review the details of the letter to determine if you are dealing with a substantive (requires legal arguments) or non-substantive (minor issues) Office Action.

A response must be filed by six months from the date of the Office Action. Unlike patent deadlines, this trademark Office Action deadline is not extendable.

If you have received an Office Action, Next Level Legal can help you navigate this process. Contact Us to schedule a consultation today.

Absolutely! Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure you understand the complexities of your legal matter. We will be with you the entire time and work with you to make sure you understand everything. 

This depends on your particular case and can be as simple as a simple application modification or as complex as trademark prosecution. Contact us to discuss solution options.  

We believe that everyone should be able to access legal counsel when needed and understand that it can sometimes be difficult to budget for unexpected legal costs. To address this, we offer several payment options to help you budget accurately while getting the legal help you need. Learn more here.

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